About us

Our Commitment to Excellence | Masterful Craftsmanship

Red Wing Repair USA provides precise, custom boot conversions and shoe repairs. As authorized repair technicians for Red Wing Shoes, the skilled artists offer a full range of services from standard repairs to custom conversions dreamt up by clients nationwide. Red Wing Repair USA takes pride in every pair of boots, with the goal of emphasizing the quality and greatness of a Red Wing (or other brand) boot with truly unique and highly stylized boot conversions. 

Quality Materials | Attention to Detail

Red Wing Repair USA partners with the best brands to provide high-quality products at every level. From minor repairs such as replacement hardware to major conversions of soles to leather treatment, only the very best ingredients go into each job.

Unique Sourcing | #ColoredMyWay

The artists behind Red Wing Repair USA strive to inspire boot wearers to envision boots that represent their personality, lifestyle, profession, and fashion.