Frequently Asked Questions

What is your turnaround time?

After placing your order and shipping your boots, you can expect your boots to be returned to you within 14 business days.

Do you work on brands other than Red Wing?

Yes. If you aren't sure if your boots can be repaired by us, simply send us a note to info@redwingrepairusa.com describing your boots. A knowledgeable repair technician will confirm whether your boots can be serviced or not.

How do I ship my boots to you?

After placing your order, package your boots in a sturdy box and bring them to the shipping carrier of your choice. Mail the package to:

Red Wing Repair USA
691 Route 25A, Suite 11
Miller Place, NY 11764

Do I need a resole?

Boots that need to undergo a resole will show certain signs of wear. As a boot owner, you will feel the difference in the support and stability of your soles if they need to be replaced. You will also notice substantial wear in the key hot spots of your sole including the outer heel and ball of the foot. 

Can my boots be resoled?

Both new and old boots are candidates for resoling. Some boots, however, will not qualify for a resole based on the integrity of the interior of the boot. If the boots are too worn down in certain areas, a resole will not be a good investment, as the structure of the boot is broken down.

Likewise, if the upper of your boot is severely dried, cracked, or in need of substantial repairs, your investment may be better served in a new pair of boots. If this is the case, you can place an order for a new pair of Red Wing boots or shoes by calling 631-209-0093.

We are happy to assist you in diagnosing your boots prior to ordering your custom service job. Please contact us by phone or email at info@redwingrepairusa.com.

How do I choose the correct sole for my boots?

If you aren't sure what sole to choose, we've created a comparison chart for you to better understand the available options. When in doubt, choosing the "Same or Similar to Original" option will put the choice in the hands of our knowledgable service technicians to properly replace your soles with the best available option.

What boot lace options do you offer?

All repairs include premium Red Wing boot laces, made from the strongest materials. Alternatively, our raw hide laces are made of premium leather as an upgraded option. For custom color conversions, we can provide matching laces in some cases upon request. Please include your request in the notes section of your order.

What's the difference between standard and premium conditioning?

The leather of your shoes and boots takes a great beating, especially in the winter months, as they are exposed to more elements. Both of our treatment options utilize premium leather conditioner, however the premium conditioning option is a 4-step process which ensures your boots are not only conditioning, but cleaned, sealed, and more resistant to the elements than before. The standard conditioning option is a 2-step process which includes conditioning and sealing.

What is the return policy?

Returns will not be accepted on shoe care products or accessories.

Service disclaimer:

Red Wing Repair USA reserves the right to reject servicing any boots or shoes that our repair technicians deem as unfit or beyond repair. Boots and shoes that fall under this category will be shipped back to their owner.